Life list

This little section of the blog is dedicated to my (never-ending) life goal list. It’s comprised of an eclectic assortment of things to do and adventures to have before I give the peace sign to planet Earth.
  1. Write a book
  2. Outdoor rock climbing
  3. White water rafting
  4. White water rafting in the Grand Canyon
  5. Go surfing
  6. Hike Colorado 14,000 ft. peaks
  7. Cinnamon challenge
  8. Start my own growth coaching/mental health mentoring biz
  9. Personal trainer certification
  10. White water and ocean kayaking
  11. Ultramarathon
  12. Hike in the following ranges: Adirondacks, Canadian Rockies, Alps
  13. Visit Banff
  14. Author a blog
  15. Backcountry snowboarding
  16. Scuba diving
  17. Sled down a mountain after a winter hike
  18. Learn to knit
  19. Visit Glowworm Caves in New Zealand
  20. Hike at least one of the seven highest peaks in the World
  21. Colorado Trail
  22. Hike the NH 48 4000 footers
  23. NH 48 4000 footers in the winter
  24. 50 mile race
  25. Obstacle course race
  26. Hike the Presidential Traverse
  27. Ride my bike across the US
  28. Hike/run/backpack the Pemi loop
  29. Finish an adult coloring book. I have a few going.
  30. Motorcycle license
  31. Appalachian Trail section or thru hike
  32. Pacific Crest Trail section or thru hike
  33. Ice climbing
  34. Adirondack 46’ers
  35. Circumnavigate a (small) island via kayak
  36. Visit all US National Parks
  37. SUP boarding

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