Get to know me

Hi there! I’m Sarah. It’s nice to meet you.

You can call me Sarah, Rah, or mountain unicorn. Whichever strikes your fancy.

IMG_7197 (1)
Welcome to Pursuit of an Outlier 🙂

I’m 25 going on 35. I study psychology/neuroscience and nutrition at the University of New Hampshire, will be done with coursework in February 2019, and receive my degree in May 2019 (too bad academia doesn’t hand out diplomas early!). I hold my personal training certification through NASM. I use sarcasm often and can be rather sassy. I’m quite stubborn but I’ll always listen to the ideas and beliefs of others. I believe that we should challenge our limits each day to become better versions of ourselves.

My #1 whip (aka the gravel bike)

Wellness, adventuring, and fitness are really the center of my being, I cannot picture my focus in life any other way. I believe we can all live a life which is fulfilling to our beings and will write about this often. I feel that it’s our personal duty to take care of our bodies and to provide them with the tools needed to thrive. Maybe I’m biased, but I like to think more people than not would agree with me on that statement. For me, thriving is a state of equilibrium.

From Mt. Jefferson, looking at Mt.Adams – NH Presidential Range

I grew up competing in a sport that 27/30 people aren’t even aware is a nationally competitive sport… jump rope. I stopped at age twelve (although you can still find me doing an unreasonable amount of double unders to this day and even coaching a skills clinic on the rare occasion). After dealing with anxiety and self-doubt since early childhood, I developed an eating disorder. For years my life was entangled in the claws of my ED, as it was the center of the circle which my focus revolved around. With a relapse in 2012 following a race and subsequent injuries, I made the (extremely terrifying) decision to begin recovery again and jumped into what I call my true healing process.

I delve into some of the details of my struggles and my remission on the blog and I’m always welcome to questions and offering support – just comment or send an email.

Mt. Hight summit – Carter-Moriah Range, NH

Some random tidbits about myself: I can be found frolicking in the mountains year round and have hiked all the NH 48 4000 footers. I’m working on a few hiking “lists” including hiking all the NH 48 in the Winter, New England 67, ect! I love running but exclusively run on trails because my body hates asphalt. Learning new things makes me smile. Intellectual and deep conversations light my soul up. Going off that, I’m bad at small talk and it makes me cringe inside if continued for more than approximately 2 minutes. My brain tries to find ways to casually include idioms and metaphors into conversations. I enjoy yoga but feel claustrophobic in yoga classes, hello home yoga practice. Listening to podcasts is a regular pastime (some of my faves are One Part Podcast, Billy Yang, Tara Brach, Backpacker Radio, Dirt in Your Skirt, and Harder to Kill). If I could be outside 100% of the time, I most likely would be. I dig coloring books but have not yet fully completed one (I have commitment issues). I read research articles for fun. My favorite music genres are indie, folk, and alternative rock but I listen to EDM when I lift. I could most probably live off of avocados, eggs, sweet potatoes, coffee, beets, pickles, and brussel sprouts. Lavender is my top pick scent but patchouli is a firm second. I’ve been reading blogs since I was 14, and this list of random things is getting uber long so I’m going to stop it now. Oh, and uber is one of my go-to words – you’ll see it uber often on the blog.

IMG_3469 (1)
Glen Boulder Trail, NH

Why The Pursuit of an Outlier? It’s simple – I kind of am one. It’s my nature. Social norms aren’t my jam, I was never the “typical” pre-teen/teen/college student. My hobbies and pastimes are eclectic. I classify myself as an outgoing introvert and quite honestly I dig it. For me, thinking inside the box is far from entertaining. I like being a little quirky and weird and exploring everything that excites my being. I’m also a nerd at the core and outlier is a statistical term, oh how I love stats… and no, this is not sarcasm. Ultimately, when I was going over blog names time and time again in my head with no success, “The Pursuit of an Outlier” popped into my noggin and I’ve loved it ever since.

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton

Thank you for stopping by my site. Questions, comments, rants, and jokes always welcome.

Please feel free to contact me at: lacourse (dot) sarah (at) yahoo (dot) com

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    1. Hey Alison! Thanks for the comment and checking out my page ~ I’m happy to hear you’re able to relate (minus the stats, lol!). Holla 😉

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