A workout & recent faves

Hi friends! It’s hump day again. Enough said.

Wednesdays are like my Friday in a way… let me explain. I have class Monday and Wedneday, and then work Wednesday and Friday but my Friday jobs are super relaxed and I typically do my homework so it’s not stressful by any means. As for the weekend, I’ll be doing a long run and hopefully a hike. Besides fitness, I’ll be studying for a stats exam which is Monday at 8am.

Have I mentioned how simple this semester is? I cannot remember, I’m in two classes (psych stats and research methods), both of which were pre-requisites for the classes I took last semester (behavior neuroscicnce and psychopharm)… which I aced, and I’ve taken a general stats class before… so yeah my feelings are 1. hating that my college is making me take these for my degree and spending over $4800 on them, and 2. loving that I can sit in class and plan hikes and blog posts versus take notes. Mixed feels. Best part of saying how easy school is and that I only pay half attention? A prof reads this blog… HI! 🙂

After the back to back deep and raw posts last week (which by the way I posted twice and then again today, hello gold start thank you very much), I wanted to post on a much lighter note. I’ll be sharing a fun workout and then some recent favorites with you guys!


The workout


  • 250m row
  • 15 deadlifts (I used 125#, which is approx. 60% of my max haha. Goal for this workout: select a weight you can get through 15 reps of unbroken the first two rounds, and then just cross your fingers. Meant to be quick and snappy. But, FORM FORM FORM. Puhlease).
  • 20 kettlebell swings (unbroken)
  • 25 double unders (50 singles)

Rest 5 minutes (or go pee and chug aminos…. I mean I def don’t do that 😉 ) and then 12 MINUTE AMRAP:

  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 chin ups
  • 10 squat thrusts

This was a random mix I came up with while eating breakfast before heading off to the gym. I honestly usually am a last-minute decision type of person WHEN it comes to HIIT/metabolic workouts. I decide based on how I feel that day. Am I sore from lifting and running? Are there any nagging aches/pains? Do I feel great? I wake up and just take a step back before starting my day to simply analyze my body and understand what it needs.

It’s that simple. A self-scan, asking myself what I want to do but also if there is anything I want to work on.

Onto the next topic… recent favorites… because who doesn’t enjoy reading a post about fitness and random things that other people are digging? Insert sarcasm.

Combinations of two favorite things

Blood orange + kombucha = YAS

Mountain pictures

Find Waldo
IMG_0716 (1)
Twinning, per usual
Human icicle
View from a lookout on Mt. Pierce

Potatoes…. purple ones

Mainly I dig the color

Tea bag quotes

“Appreciate yourself and honor your soul”

Anything with oats… except oatmeal 😉


IMG_0493 (1)

Things which help the self-care bandwagon… and feel good after weeks full of lifting and solid mileage via mountain climbing and pavement miles (can the ten billion feet of snow melt now please?!). Ignore the size of the second picture, wanted to make sure y’all could read the small text!

0323E8BE-FACE-4240-974C-7E1165EB08FD (1)
Lush 93,000 miles shower jelly. Literally AHHH-mazing.
Love love love… my fave is “there is no right way to do anything”

Last but not least, a last minute share: find what speaks to you. It’s out there. “It’s what we learn… it’s what we discover that counts.” – TED talk Zoe Romano

“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.” ― Walt Whitman

3 thoughts on “A workout & recent faves

  1. I love that you are rocking stats. I pretty much died in a basic stats class in college and cried my way through it, haha. You go girl!!

    YES for self care! And delicious food 🙂 and Wednesdays that feel like Fridays!

  2. That is so crazy that your college is making you take classes that were prereq’s for classes you already took! I think colleges are crazy in general though about requirements. They are out for your MONEY!

    Your workout looks fun but it’s really hard to do workouts like that in a traditional globo gym. I am definitely a runner and not a CrossFitter or HIIT fan but would love to try more of those types of workouts as long as they don’t involve running because I already run a ton and would rather do the cardio in them on a row machine or something else. I will say that after Saturday, I see the value in lifting and strength training and that it can translate into running results.

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