Recent faves // it’s summah thyme

Hi friends!!! It’s June. Heck, it’s almost July! The summertime is my favorite, probably because I’m a Gemini and June baby. AKA I just had a birthday, now I’m the ripe age of 23. I’m sorry but time seriously flies. I mean first off I feel like I just became legal – never mind that I’ve been legal for two years, like jeez louise hello. I also feel like I just ended school and haven’t been on “break” since the second week of May. I say “break” because technically I finished school today, summer sports nutrition class baby. Loved it. So so so loved it.

Birthday snaps:



So let us commence a true break for July and August. I’m happy about it. I need it. I’m nervous about it because I am a busy body and get a bit (read: very) stir crazy when I don’t have enough things going on. I mean I could enhance my social life, but honestly while I am pretty social, I need my alone time and a hefty sum of it to recharge. I’m like the outgoing introvert with social anxiety that comes across in most social realms to be an extrovert. Talk about confusing, eh?

Enough ranting and dilly dallying (I had to do a brief catch up though, obviously)… today I want to share with you guys some of my recent favorites – things I’ve been loving from gym gear, to foods, to self-care. 3-2-1-go.

Epsom salt // spearmint epsom salt foot baths have been the best thing I’ve been doing lately on the self-care bandwagon. Well, that and journaling more. Pen to paper always helps ease the mind. But epsom salt does wonders to ease the body. I’m not a huge bath person, so I prefer to just soak my feet haha!

Dreaming Tree wine // Dave Matthews is a co-founder, so clearly this stuff is worth buying (if you’re 21, of course… be safe, kids). I’ve had Crush which is a red blend and the Pinot. This is funny because my go-to wine is Cabernet… which this company does make one… I just have been slacking apparently.


So Delicious cashew milk ice cream // I don’t care if you need to be dairy free or not…. BUY THIS. I can mildly taste the cashew but this stuff is amazing and I don’t even realize it’s not “real” ice cream. I’ve had the snickerdoodle and salted caramel cluster flavors – both equally good. I’m the weirdo who eats 1-4 spoonfuls of ice cream a night, any more gives me a brain freeze and a sugar high because I’m wicked (can you tell I’m from NH) sugar sensitive.


Wrist wraps // I’ve always just used straps which are the thicker option but with having small wrists I was finding I felt restricted in my overhead lifts and wanted to try wraps. Loving them. I got these ones.

B-up vanilla peanut butter protein bars // anybody had a white chocolate peanut butter cup? Well, these taste like those do. At least that’s how my taste buds feel. I’m ok with it. Vanilla + PB = the bomb. Thanks, B-up for allowing me to reminisce about my childhood a bit… or multiple times a week. Winking smile


Essie’s “in the cabana” // summer time = birkenstocks = my toe nails NEED to be painted. I’m typically a fan of the darker purple and red shades but this one is growing on me rather quickly.



Reading // The Champions Mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I really find myself liking this book because as someone whose been involved in sports since age four, I definitely have a very competitive mindset around most of my life so this read is getting through to me and helping me change my focus/shift my thoughts a bit. Highly recommend.


That’s all for now friends. I’ll be back soon!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

2 thoughts on “Recent faves // it’s summah thyme

  1. Happy summer! Even though it’s like mid-July and I’m just saying that, haha. I hope you’re enjoying your break!! It sounds like life is good for you right now! Love that nail polish, and if I see the cashew milk ice cream anywhere I am totally buying it!

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