Thinking out loud // 10.1.15

Hi guys! I’m back with a Thinking out loud post linkup hosted by Amanda over at Running with Spoons. If y’all haven’t checked out her page yet I highly suggest. She’s a gem. So let’s get this party started…

1. Blissful mornings complete with… butter coffee. I’m back on this bandwagon kids. It’s so good. I immensely enjoy my mornings sitting back sippin’ on Peet’s dark roast blended up with some Kerrygold butta. I use a cheap milk frother I bought off of Amazon, it’s magic.


2. You know you’re a meat-head / gym lover / fitness fanatic when… you wear gym clothing 90% of the time, and college is definitely a part of that 90. Actually, truth be told, college probably is that 90% with the exception of a few days when I decide it’s a good idea to get ‘dressed up’ and I wear jeans + a sweater 😉 Zero shame. Need my comfy pants, because, well, they help me study better and learn more. Makes sense to me.

3. When you have an awkward degree of social anxiety. I’ve always been an anxious kid, since early childhood. It’s part of my nature. It wasn’t one of those things that I lost as I further developed. Now it’s just random situations that will provoke a bigger response. Such as seeing too many people in a day, or being in a busy place. I think those are also attributed to #onlychildproblems. I’m an outgoing introvert which can get me into some of what I call “challenging situations”.

4. The most ridiculous but completely honest pictures found on social media… this one couldn’t be more spot on. I also need this giant shark (sleeping bag?!?)


5. When your friends consider the possibility that you might be pregnant… because you get cravings for dark chocolate, wine, pickles, and salami on the regular. OK the wine part isn’t applicable but the other three are for sure. NO baby here just my body digging the oddest of things. For the record I don’t eat chocolate with pickles, or any other combination of the above foods.

6. Killer snack combinations. Siggi’s raspberry yogurt + peanut butter Perfect Bar. Don’t knock it til’ you try it.


7. When I drink red wine during my late night pre-test study sessions… and end up receiving a 97.5% on said exam. Did I mention I love my genetics class. It’s super neat and the material sticks for me. My fingers are crossed that this pattern stays for the semester! The more classes I immerse myself in and experience the more I find I am a bio-science minded individual. Stick me in a biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics course and I’m a happy camper. Chemistry… not so much. Math… follows the same pattern as chemistry unless it’s statistics which I have an odd liking for.


8. A month ago I was so nervous about teaching group fitness… but now I am so grateful to have to opportunity and am absolutely loving the experience (and want more classes)! I’ve been teaching one HIIT class a week!


Cheers to random Thinking Out Loud topics and posting slightly more even though I’d like to really get back on this blogging bandwagon “part-time”, so about 2-3 posts a week. Goals. But hey, progress is progress nonetheless.

Questions for you guys:

1. Have you tried the Perfect Bars? #seriouslyobsessed

2. What type of classes did you enjoy in high school/college?


“Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it.” – Greta Garbo

18 thoughts on “Thinking out loud // 10.1.15

  1. Oh man I’ve heard about this “butter in your coffee” thing and am quite intrigued to try it. How much do you suggest putting in? Wine with studying… um yes. Maybe more so if its math. I am quite a biology and science buff, but I hatttttee numbers. Biochemistry was my favorite, but as soon as it started getting math-y, I was out.

    1. Totally try it out, so good, super creamy! I don’t measure it but I’d say it’s close to a tablespoon 🙂 Let me know if you give it a whirl! LOL I’m glad we’re pretty much the same as far as numbers go. I’m excited for biochemistry next year!

  2. Costco has those perfect bars and I had a sample of one. It was okay. I can be kinda weird about bars, but I felt like they were a little pricey for a snack. Also, I go through phases where I eat a lot of bars and some when I don’t. I work at home so I don’t *always* need portable food, it really depends. Now Siggi’s is always good…

    You absolutely should wear your workout clothes or whatever you want to college! It bothers me to see college students spend copious amounts of money on clothes or dress up. It’s the one time in your life when being poor and dressing in whatever is 100% acceptable. Then you grow up and get a big girl job and there’s a dress code and you can’t wear pajamas and sometimes you can’t even wear jeans to jobs!

    1. I’ve seen them at Costco and yes they are a bit pricey! I am thankful to get them at a fairly deep discount through my work or else I would need to hold back on them a bit more haha! I’m with you on the bar eating phases, like I’d rather do more “real” stuff but they are just so easy especially with school! YES Siggi’s is always good. What’s your favorite flavor??

      As far as college goes – uhm yep agree totally. Drives me nuts also seeing people in things like dress pants, fancy dresses, blazers, ect. For crying out loud get some boots at target, whatever jeans fit and you like, some sweaters at a gap outlet and call it a day. I’ll totally admit half of my spandex is Lululemon though but I’m going to use the fact that I’m a trainer to make that mildly acceptable 😉

      1. But, your workout clothes are technically your work clothes- so I can understand spending money on them. But I don’t get dressing up extremely nice just to go to class…

      2. I like that, they are the best work clothes ever. Haha. And yeah, no, just no. To the college kids whose outfits cost over $100, just stahp.

  3. I remember seeing girls wear 4 inch heels to school and wondering how on earth they managed to get around without breaking a leg… especially carrying all those books 😯 I wore workout clothes to school 90% of the time as well, and not much has changed 😆

    1. 4 inch heels!? What the… why… I would fall on my face and my butt, simultaneously if that’s even remotely possible. HAHA nor should it change 🙂

  4. I cannot get into butter coffee. It’s for some people but it’s not for me. I’ve always had interesting luck with having a drink while studying. I enjoyed wine before some of my finals and did really well. I always wore comfy clothing to classes…why be uncomfortable?

    1. Lol I hear you, it’s not something that is for everyone for sure. Wine just makes studying better, glad you have the same feelings! And right… no need to be uncomfortable while trying to learn.

  5. so basically we’re like the same person. LOVE me some peet’s and some wine and perfect bars ugh *heart eyes*
    glad to hear you’re liking genetics! that was actually one of my toughest classes when i took it so i’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

    1. LOL twins for the win 😉 Which perfect bar flavor is your go-to? I am finding that genetics either sticks or doesn’t stick and there really isn’t much of a middle ground.

  6. So happy you’re enjoying group fitness teaching! I never thought about how ebing an only child would impact how you deal with social situations. That is such a cool point! Have you ever heard of “The Birth Order Book”? It’s about birth order (obviously.. haha) from only child, firstborn, middle, baby, etc. and why we act the way we do due to our birth order. It’s super interesting!

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