Hey there! Thanks for the support on my last post. Things have done a full 180 and I’m doing wonderfully at the moment. I think sometimes it’s important to remember our struggles in their whole in order to really move past them. I had hit a comfort zone in my progress which was more of a hinder than a helper. Having a period of brief but legitimately concerning struggle, for me, was beneficial in hindsight now because it helped me to realize that a. that is NOT the direction I wish to head in at all, b. I am so much stronger than before and than I still think I am, and c. I have goals to accomplish and aint’ nobody got time for self-destructive manipulation.

On that note, I wanted to put up a lighter post because it’s been a while since I’ve done something light-hearted and fun on the blog. I saw this ABC survey over on Alex’s page and couldn’t resist.

Age: 22

Biggest fear: spiders, not the tiny ones or even daddy long-legs, but the wood spiders! Eeeeek!

Current time: 8:12pm

Drink you last had: GT’s hibiscus kombucha. Hit the spot.

Easiest person to talk to: this is tough, I have a couple really close friends which are all equal here and I’m so ridiculously grateful

Favorite song: Moonshiner – Redbird

Grossest memory: trying out my friend’s (who was older and considerably taller than me) bike when I was 9 and subsequently falling off… having the metal pedal go about halfway through my upper knee, looking down and remembering I didn’t feel pain but saw blood and white stuff coming out of my skin… and needing stitches. Still have the scar to prove it 😉

Hometown: seacoast NH which has officially made me NEED an ocean or lake wherever I end up living in later years. Thanks, NH.


In love with: life and living true to my inner fire

Jealous of: people who can can do quads. While I’m a pro at double unders and can string triples, quads are in no close sight.

Kindest person you know: LuAn, she’s just a ball of sunshine and always, always, always willing and open arms to help out, have a coffee date, chit chat, aimlessly walk, come to yoga, hit up crossfit, go for dinner, listen to my pointless dramas ten thousand times, whatever.

Life isn’t complete without: laughing daily

Middle name: Nicole

Number of siblings: zip. nada. zero.

One wish: to never give up on my goals (education, work, fitness) and achieve what I know I am capable of

11324917_672039159599557_649553 Source.

Person you spoke last with on the phone: my mom

Question you’re always asked: how much do you workout? / why do you wake up so early? / how much coffee do you drink? (too much)

Reason to smile: it feels good

Song you last sang: Lost and Found – Katie Herzig

Time you woke up: 5:30am

Underwear color: the built-in ones in my Nike running shorts. Haha #winning

Vacation destination: well, I’m headed to San Diego in late September so that will be amazing. But, future vacation goals include New Zealand, Costa Rica, and anywhere with a phenomenal mountain range

11800267_10153504639427170_8075170824339980045_n Last weekends hike – Mt. Jackson summit, NH

Worst habit: over thinking every.single.possible.thing


X-rays you’ve had: WAY TOO MANY. Neck (have an issue with my C3), sacrum (have had two stress fx’s there), hip (I have hip dysplasia so this one totally doesn’t really count and is the reason behind the sacrum), ankle (stress fx), tibia (guess why…). Yeah. I feel bad for my skeletal system and body in general. It has been through A LOT.

Your favorite food: sweet potatoes / brussel sprouts / peanut butter / wine? / eggs. Equal lovin’ to all.

Zodiac sign: I’m a gem 😉


And because I just can’t leave you without a quote per usual…

“Opportunities come from being on the hook.” – Seth Godin

Also, you should probably take the time to fill out this survey!

2 thoughts on “ABC’s

  1. Ain’t nobody got time for self destructive manipulation. SO TRUE! I am so with you on the worst habit and all of the favorite foods (except wine, never had it)! They’re the best! This was such a fun read. I (from some weird reason) didn’t know you were any only child!

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