Relatively heavy deadlifts + it’s spring break week

Hey kids! Guess what this week is? SPRING BREAK. Wahoo! I’m pumped. If you’re on break also, I hope it’s going fabulous. If you’re not a college student and work a typical full-time job, I’m sorry to rub my break in your face. If it makes you feel any better please be aware that I am considerably busier this week than during a normal school week. SO there’s that.

What am I keeping busy with?

Well on Monday I deadlifted the most weight I have since 2012, I’m beyond stoked about that because #1 it means I’m getting stronger, #2 I love my deadlifts. I hit a 195# lift on my last set. I wasn’t planning on that at all but after pyramiding up 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 I felt awesome and said ____ it, do it. Pure bliss. My first goal is 200, then 225, and then 2xBW which is a smidgen over 225.

DLS Recycled picture 😉

I’ve been focusing on two very essential mindset perspectives. These are two things it’s taken me a while to fully realize. While I can be stubborn and tend to brush things off and not give a care, that doesn’t always end well and can leave me beating myself up mentally quite a bit. Also, from the internal perspective of giving myself love and kindness – both considerable challenges but I’ve improved for sure. It’s a constant progress I think, which I’m completely accepting of. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be. I just want to be happy with myself, my goals, and my life at the beginning and end of each day. The fact alone that my strength physically is improving (above), is proof that my strength mentally is also moving miles forward.

IMG_2074 IMG_2077

Another thing I’ve realized is that while this current semester is by far the most demanding, I’m handling it the best. I guess I can say I’m where I’m supposed to be. Between changing schools, jumping into an undergrad neuroscience program, taking classes at two different campuses (M/W/F at one, T/Th at the second), working weekends, being in the gym at the most consistent and driven point I’ve been since my recovery, finishing my NASM certification, continuing healing my gut, trying to blog (!), and lastly maintaining a semi-kind-of social life. It’s been fun actually so far. I genuinely enjoy everything listed so that is really helpful. Although I’ll be honest I skipped my 8am philosophy class one because I traded it for sleep. Sleep > philosophy (on necessary occasions) = fact.

I’ve been sleeping more! Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I wasn’t sleeping because you might infer that from my skipping philosophy for sleep. Not true. Even with a hectic school schedule I’m managing 6.5-8 hours per night. This week I’m nailing 8-8.5 per night which has definitely been helpful especially because I’m maxing this week at the gym and my body needs the extra recovery between sessions. I think that range is my sweet spot. Another fact, I have sleeping habits outside of the norm for my age group, I’m in bed by 8:30-9:30pm and wake up between 4-5am. Daily. Sunday you ask? 5am. I came across this handy chart on sleep recommendations (source)


And that is that for today. Deadlifts, loving yourself, and sleeping. All solid topic choices, right?


Questions for you:

If you are a lifter, what’s your favorite lift?

Do you have a bedtime, and how much shut eye do you get on average?


“I do not live for what the world thinks of me, but for what I think of myself.” – Jack London

xo, S

One thought on “Relatively heavy deadlifts + it’s spring break week

  1. YAY for your deadlifts!! I love deadlifts, too! I usually do them with dumbbells and stiff legged. Fun fun! Those, lunges, pull ups and shoulder presses are my favorite love/hate lifts! Yes to love and kindness. I actually really needed that today, so thank you :). As for sleep, I have pretty much the same schedule as you! In bed by 9(ish) and up at 5! Absolutely love it, too!

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