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Hi there! This week is already moving fast, I think holiday weeks make everything seem so much faster. Everything is a blur. Can you even believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday?! because I can’t. Not one bit. Time really does fly, I never believed my parents and teachers who told me that growing up. When I was younger it felt like time was just crawling, because all I wanted was to be grown up. Now all I want is for it to slow down but that can’t happen unless someone invents a time machine (can someone please do that?). In the meantime it’s called enjoy each day and be grateful for all that I am, all that I have, and all that I’m able to do.

I received an email from UNH yesterday detailing the process of class registration for transfer students. Don’t worry I’ve already been looking at the course schedule and am excited to see where I end up!


What do both strengths and weaknesses have in common? they both help us become better versions of ourselves if approached with the right perspective

One tool that I keep in my back-pocket at all times is the SWOT chart. What’s a SWOT chart you ask? Well, it’s an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

swot 2

Strengths: strengths are internal factors. These are what we are naturally drawn too. They are what we excel at. Perhaps they are what people know you for, perhaps a hobby or even your career. Strengths can even be a characteristic of your personality. It’s something that you are able to effortlessly excel at, and you’re aware of this.

Weaknesses: weaknesses are also internal factors. However unlike strengths, weaknesses are things which we are not naturally drawn too in most cases. They feel uncomfortable, and are usually outside of our comfort zone. They don’t feel right. I know I hate my weaknesses because they aren’t easy and they make me feel out of my groove. That said, I also love them because they challenge me to ultimately grow as a person and develop new skills. With enough time, effort, drive, and determination, weaknesses can develop into strengths. Easier said than done and will definitely challenge whether or not you truly deep down want to master a specific weakness.

Opportunities: opportunities are an external factor. These are things that are within your reach of grasping which will allow you to enhance your strengths and/or develop your weaknesses. Opportunities can be people, events, educational options, career options, conferences, ect. Opportunist are so many different things and just like the internal factors of strength and weaknesses they will be different for each person. What is a good move for one person could potentially be a bad move for another.

Threats: threats are also an external factor. These are things which could prevent us from pursing our goals. They are things which get in the way and create stress. Threats can be variables such as a risk of injury for an athlete, or the risk of being fired when going out on a limb. Threats can also be something mental, such as anxiety or lack of self-confidence that is required to reach your goals.

I’ve typed up my SWOT chart for you guys to see, while not complete, it does give a good idea of where I am currently at.


Ultimately, it is necessary to create a view of all of these components in order to know what your goals are, where you stand, and the plan of attack in reaching them. For me many of my weaknesses also carry over as possible threats. However I don’t let this drift me away from my dreams, rather inspire me to overcome my weaknesses and develop them into strengths. I feel that the more I can overcome my weaknesses the stronger I will grow, the more skills I will have, and the more determined I will be to keep continuing to reach new goals.

Questions for you: ever seen a SWOT chart before? Thoughts/will you fill one out for yourself? What is a weakness you are currently determined to make a strength?


“Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty. It’s self-destruction. “ — Bobby Sommer”

xo, S

2 thoughts on “Strengths & weaknesses

  1. I have never seen a SWAT chart before but I love the idea. Thanks for introducing me to it.

    I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving either! This year is really flying by and we don’t have long until Christmas after Thanksgiving. Good luck getting all your class schedule stuff together because the semester is coming right up too.

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