Thinking out loud: 11/20/14

Good morning buttercups! Today I wanted to join in on the Thinking Out Loud link up over on Amanda’s site! Partly because I don’t have a specific topic that I’m in the mood to write about and partly because I’m looking forward to just rambling and updating 😉


1. SCHOOL. First things first and I’m crazy excited/uber pumped/jumping for joy about this… I’ve been accepted into the University of New Hampshire as a transfer student for NEUROSCIENCE! Eeeeek! I can’t’ even begin to explain how much I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity. I’m so glad that I made the decision back when I graduated high school to take a year off and then enroll in community college for two years. This allowed me to find myself, lose myself, and then truly find myself and what I am beyond passionate about.


2. QUOTES TO GET YOU THINKING. “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for. If it is worth attaining, it is worth fighting for. If it is worth experiencing, it is worth putting aside time for.” – Jack London

3. STUDYING. This kind of fits in with school as well. I’m literally just so into all that I’m learning about. It excites me. I’m currently working on reading The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne (there is a ton of immune system/autoimmune information in this book), NASM Essentials of Personal Training, my chemistry textbook, and my exercise physiology textbook. I took ex phys last year but that textbook is gold whilst studying to become a personal trainer. The explanations of human physiology in there are much beyond my NASM book. I’m definitely happy I have that class along with anatomy & physiology already under my belt prior to becoming certified. It makes me feel much more comfortable in helping others because I have a much better understanding.


4. BLISS. One of my favorite things these days is taking a quick break each day to just unwind, re-charge, and re-focus. I try to either sit for a short meditation break or go through a few yoga sequences. On occasion I’ll even whip out my journal if my mind is going going gone.

5. COFFEE + COCONUT OIL. No I’m not uber late to this bandwagon. I realize coffee and coconut oil (or rather, MCT oil) have been making appearances for a while now. As have coffee and butter. Hello, bulletproof java. I adore you. Seriously though between being a big fan of coconut oil and a lover of coffee it’s like a dream come true 😉 Also on the coffee front, I’m so pumped that Bux’ Christmas blend is back because I’m all about that dark roast and the red cups. It’s just so dang festive. Well, not really, but it feeeels like it.

coffee and mct

6. JUMP ROPE. Did you know that I really dig double unders? Like really dig. About 1500 on Tuesday after my lifting and them calves be talking to me. Double unders, speed, and freestyle practice just make me smile. Although my freestyle is currently comparable to my ten-year-old skill set… but that’s ok, progress is a process, right?! It really is a sport, USA jump rope. A sport that I am thankful I was a part of. A sport that I miss competing in. It lights me up inside and allows me to just flow and go with the movement.

7. SILLY THINGS. Thank you, Allison! Seeing this absolutely made my day and I clearly needed to share the humor (but complete truth) on the blog. What can I say I’m a fan of spandex. And sweats. And lululemon shorts. Enough said. I look like I’m coming from the gym 98% of the time. And the second snapshot, my awesome friend Julia sent me that one. All about that graphing.quotable


8. EARLY MORNINGS. I love the days when I’m able to get in my workout before the world is really awake. There is such a sense of stillness and ease. Plus I’m not going to argue to seeing the sunrise on my drive home. This is definitely something I hope to keep going because I feel like it centers me for my day ahead. Especially useful one my schedule is much busier in the upcoming semesters!

What have you been thinking about? Rambles welcome!

Enjoy your Thursday!

9 thoughts on “Thinking out loud: 11/20/14

  1. Congratulations on your acceptance to the neuroscience program!! That is amazing news and it looks like your reading list is a good one and you’re super stoked. I’m glad that good things are working out for you because I know how the last few years have been. But good things always come to good people who work hard for them and you have :).

    How is the bulletproof coffee working for you? I’ve had some friends try this, but I just didn’t really want the coffee without sweetener (lol). Plus I’m just really weary of adding coconut oil and butter and so much fat to my coffee because well, it’s a whole lot of calories and fat but also because I know what coffee without it already does for my digestion and think adding butter/oil may heighten that ;).

    1. Thank you, Amy! Awh that makes my day – you’re so kind. It has been a long few years, but ones that I wouldn’t give back because I am who I am today because of them.. and I’ll be a better physician (eventually) because of them. Experience is everything.

      It’s so tasty. I should add in thought that prior to trying bulletproof coffee, I was putting in either raw whole milk or heavy cream and I don’t like sweet coffee so it wasn’t a huge change for me. Calories and fat, yes while there are definitely more they are good calories! As I’m sure you’re well aware of how good the fat in both coconut oil and pasture raised butter are for you! I usually just do coconut oil and use only about a teaspoon or two compared to the “standard” tablespoon+ . I like it bitter ha 🙂 Please let me know if you try it out! HAHA I head you on the digestion!

  2. Congrats on your acceptance, girl! That’s freaking awesome 😀 I took some time off after high school as well, and it’s something that I definitely recommend when people aren’t too sure what they want to go into. And I completely feel you on loving every thinking that you’re studying. I’m going to school now for holistic nutrition, and it’s crazy how much I look forward to cracking into my books… to the point where it bothers me if I need to do other things 😆

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I’m so ridiculously excited (clearly)! Exactly – it’s such a good way to get some experience, try things out, and find your niche or at least a good idea of where your scope of interest lies. Totally hear you, like all I want to do is learn. Why can’t we just make a living to learn?!

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